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January 10 2018


Play Makar Sankranti special Rummy tournament on Jan15


Makar Sankranti, also known as Pongal in Tamil Nadu and through different names in the north is a widely celebrated Indian festival. Although, celebrated by different cities with different customs and rituals, the underlying message of the festival is to welcome the harvest reason. It is the season which farmers across reap the crops that have sown. Aside from sun worship, there are different rituals associated with different cultures. It is a festival that fosters social cohesiveness and unites people by bringing them under one common clout despite the difference in the way of celebration. Moreover, the day and the ensuing month are considered very auspicious and considered to bring good luck and prosperity for the rest of the year.


Deccanrummy is adding extra sugar to this festival by launching a Special Makar Sankrati tournament which provides a cash bonus of Rs 50000 and this tournament is entirely a freeroll tournament. This tournament will be held on Jan 15. With this superb tourney, Deccan Rummy spills over with lots of fun and happiness to cherish much. Grab this wonderful chance to collect some cool cash bonuses. Expect this rummy tournament to be fierce. Our freeroll rummy tournaments have a history of seeing huge participation. Ensure you have a nice time in our site playing free rummy online with this tourney.

It doesn’t matter what your stake or preference is, DeccanRummy has something in store for everyone of you. When a tournament like this is in the offering, forget what level you are in, jump in head first and win your claim.

 Entry             : Free

Date              :15th Jan 2018

Timings         :3.30 PM

Registration: 2:30 PM

  How To Participate in MakarSankrati Tournament:

Makarsankrati is absolutely free tournament, so that everyone can participate without any pay.

The registration for this tournaments starts from 2.30 pm,  Jan15th , 2018.

In the lobby, click on Tourney -> Special, you will find this MakarSankranti Special Tourney.

       The Tournaments commences sharply at 3.30 PM.

January 08 2018

9717 0923 500

Rummy Bonus Offers for January 2018

DeccanRummy which is known as the players’ choice of being the fastest online Rummy Site has launchedexciting bonus offers for their players for this New Year. Each of these offers adds value to the deposits that the players has made. All The player needs to do is to make deposits after logging in and then enter their bonus code and then complete the purchase. Once this process is done, their bonus will be auto-credited instantly. Check out the new offers that we have launched this January and boost your rummy account with extra cash by depositing right away.

Rummy Bonus Whoppers – Hurry up and grab this offer

 Rummy Bonus Whoppers offers 30% Bonus offers up to Rs.1500 for deposits made by players. The bonus offer starts from Jan1 and ends on Jan31.


The bonus will be credited in bonus points. The player can move the bonus points to their withdrawable balance by playing more cash games. As they keep playing. The points will automatically move. We also have launched a weekly leaderboard contest that is up and running successfully.

January Jubilance – Hurry up and grab the offers:

If you thought Rummy Bonus Whoppers is the only one bonus code this January, then we’ve got a pleasant surprise for you. We have added a splendid offer in addition to the Rummy Bonus Whoppers that is going to keep you glued to us. We have added a splendid offer in addition to the Rummy Bonus Whoppers that is going to keep you glued to us. In what comes as icing on the cake, January Jubilance will provide players an opportunity to earn 10% cash bonus up to Rs. 500 on all their deposits. Use the bonus code JAN2018, while depositing using this January jubilance offer. Unlike Bonus points, where you have to play to convert bonus points into live cash, cash bonus can directly be used to play rummy cash games.

Secure payment methods and fast cashouts :

Deccanrummy offers you an awesome selection of payment methods which are safe and secure for all your transactions and payments.

We ensure our customer receives their winnings very quickly.

We are a law-abiding company. We respect all the decisions taken with respect to playing 13 card rummy game online by the government so we have blocked our card games from being accessed from banned states.

So what are you waiting for, hurry up and sign in with Deccanrummy to avail all these bonuses right away !

January 05 2018


Race to the top in our Weekly Leaderboard!

2017 was such a marvelous year for players who displayed such an interest in online rummy game. We launched many offers not limited to some fantastic bonuses from leaderboard contests to some outstanding tournaments. All of them have been a massive success – courtesy you. We at Deccan Rummy wish all our players a very happy and prosperous new year 2018. We wish good health be upon you and all your ventures turn out to be successful. Let’s hope we strengthen our relationship that remains strong for the next several years.

 We’ve decided to welcome 2018 in such a grand manner by launching a new set of offers and promotions. Our Leaderboard contests in 2016 and 2017 have been such a massive success. Lots of players all over India participated in our contests and have won some amazing rewards. Some of the exceptional prizes distributed were All-expense paid trips, Car, Gold Coins, Gift Vouchers, Latest Smartphone’s, Real cash and mammoth cash bonuses. In fact our traffic almost doubled whenever we hold leaderboard contests. This goes to show rummy players prefer alternate forms of entertainment when it comes to contests. Leaderboard contest just about fits the bill. We think all players would say the same in toto.


Of late we have received many messages from our players to make leaderboard contests more accessible so that many of them participate without much splurge on cash tables. We have listened to you and also brainstormed and found that shorter leaderboards are more fun, and more productive. In what comes across as fantastic beginning to 2018, we have launched a weekly leaderboard contest for all our players.


It does feel great to come out on top in an intense battle, right? That feeling of ending on top at the end of an extremely competitive race is really special. We are giving away that opportunity to you with our weekly leaderboards. Forget having to slog out for 50 odd days with our leaderboard, hereafter. For your convenience, We have introduced a novel weekly leaderboard contest for all rummy players at Deccan Rummy. The leaderboards are divided into 3 levels - Gold, Platinum, and Diamond and is open to all players. Playing rummy online is pretty simple. Learning how to play rummy is a very simple exercise and can be mastered very easily. All you need to do is keep practicing the 13 card rummy game till you get the strategy right All you need to do is play cash Rummy games and you can claim a position on our Leaderboard. With more than Rs. 150000 worth prizes up for grabs, what have you got to lose?


How to feature on weekly Leaderboard?


1.    First of all, players have to earn Deccan points.

 2.    Deccan points or loyalty points can be earned by playing Cash Rummy Games.

 3.    More games you play = more chance to feature on leaderboard.

 4.    Based on the loyalty points you secure we are conducting three tournaments the details of which are given below.

 What are you waiting for? Play more cash games and move towards the top.

December 27 2017


DeccanRummy New Year leaderboard 2018 winners

The contest carried some exciting trips including a Free trip to Pattaya, free VIP Pool party, latest iPhones and gold coins, the players tightened their game up and made the contest riveting. Every day was an exciting day in this contest, as the players juggled from one position to another constantly – courtesy of their leaderboard points.

Congrats to all the players who have featured in the top 15 of our New Year leaderboard contest. As promised, we have arranged to send your prize quickly. You may receive it anytime now. We would like to extend our warmest greetings to all the players who have participated in this contest. Without your stupendous efforts; the contest wouldn’t have been as exciting as it is.

For those of you who couldn’t make the cut this time, don’t worry we’ve got a lot of rummy promotions and contests this 2018 that will allow you to win exciting prizes. 

December 22 2017


Play Rummy & Watch Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda Hai Free!

Salman Khan starrer Tiger Zinda Hai is all set to hit the screens today accompanied by extraordinary expectations by his fans all over India. It’s a sequel to the record-breaking espionage thriller ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ which was a box office blockbuster. Now the sequel Tiger Zinda Hai is undoubtedly the most awaited film of 2017.  Salman and Katrina Kaif reprise their roles as Tiger and Zoya respectively. The trailer for this film has raised the expectation to an all-time high. Yes, the craze for Tiger Zinda Hai is unbelievable as we are able to see fans shelling out unbelievable fares for getting a ticket. Looks like we’ve got a Tiger Franchise and it’s all set to go!

Going by the trailer, we can expect some spectacular action sequences. The parts where Salman would be fighting wolves with his bare hands is sure to send the fans into a wild frenzy. We can see the social media and mass media ringing abuzz non-stop with information about the movie. We can clearly see that the masses can’t wait to witness this movie! 

Tiger Zinda Hai – GiftRaffle Special

We understand the unprecedented craze for Tiger Zinda Hai and have to decided to issue movie vouchers completely in our Gift Raffle tournament

Get ready to watch Sallu Bhai at his vintage best destroying enemies with a killer boss-like confidence in a big screen of your choice. Play our giftraffle tournament from Dec 22- Dec 31 and win free movie vouchers to watch this movie.

The tournament is a freeroll wherein the players don’t have to spend a dime to participate. The tourney starts at 11PM and the registration for the tournament begins at 6PM.Christmas holidays are going to kick in shortly. There’s no better way to kick off your holiday season than to watch the favourite movie of your choice. Play this spectacular online rummy tournament and give yourself some much-needed break.

Online rummy games have recently taken the Indian online gaming community by a storm with heavy rewards and promotions. Deccan Rummy never fails to surprise our players with surprise offers and promotions. Our every promotions are designed keeping in mind the best interests of our players. So, do not allow boredom to creep in and ruin your holidays; instead turn this holidays into big paydays.

How to claim the prize?

1.To claim the prize players needs to follow the below mentioned steps

2.You will be receiving a mail immediately after you win the tourney, you will have to reply to the mail with the details listed below

3.Confirm your Username, First Name, Last Name, Mobile number, and E-mail address.

4.Like and Share our Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/deccanrummy.

5.Follow the above link and Share this post publicly on your wall. Mention in few words why you like playing at Deccan Rummy while sharing.

6.Send an email to support@deccanrummy.com with the above information and also send us the screenshot attached Like and Share of our Deccan Rummy page.

Once the details are verified, we will be sending you the gift voucher within 24 hours of the receipt of reply mail from the user.

December 20 2017


Hurry! December Dazzlers & Santa Special ending on Dec 31! Avail now!

Grab 30% bonus on your deposits up to Rs. 5000 in our Santa Special Bonus offer. You can win a maximum bonus of Rs. 1500 using this offer. You won’t want to miss out on this awesome bonus to give yourself an opportunity to play your favorite 13 card rummy game freely. You will get your bonus as bonus points for this offer.

December Dazzlers is one more addition to our awesome range of bonus offers. With this offers, players can Grab 10% Flat cash bonus for deposits up to Rs. 5000. The maximum bonus players can get using this offer is Rs. 500, which will, of course, be a cash bonus.

December 18 2017


6 Mobile games to play this winter

Winter has finally set in and it’s pretty cold out there. Do you find it harder to roll out of your bed on these bleak days? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us feel that way. It’s the time of the year when sluggishness and slack sets in making us want to do nothing and go to bed wrapping ourselves in a blanket. As the temperature drops, the days become shorter, the urge to eat more and binge-watch Tv, sets in thus making us less active. While it’s tempting to lounge around the house, gorging on your favorite hot snack when it’s cold, it could also cause serious damage to our health. Wouldn’t it be better if we could use the time to engage ourselves in doing something meaningful, something that’s rewarding as well?

Many of us aren’t fortunate enough to have a break and go out for a trip to beat these dark days. We are out to help you. So grab yourself a mug of hot coffee, learn about these hot games that are creating a buzz in the mobile gaming industry. We bet once you learn about these awesome mobile games, you might want to throw your blanket you’ve wrapped around you and reach out to your mobile phones.

Popular mobile games to play this winter

1. Clash of clans

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games in the mobile gaming history. No game has achieved the status of popularity as much as the clash of clans. The game is so popular such that it has sparked several spin-offs. The premise of the game is very simple enough, you get to build a kingdom, defend your kingdom against opponents, and loot your opponents to add to your wealth. In the process, you get to form your own clans and compete in some epic clan battles.

The massive success of clash of clans proves that strategy based mobile games always have an audience that is growing. If the content is gripping your game will always find takers. In these dark and hazy days, the clash of clans could be the right kind of fodder to stimulate your brain cells. You can download the game for free and make in-app purchases to complete your task quickly.

2. Age of Empires: Castle siege

Age of Empires: Castle Siege is similar to Clash of Clans. It’s the game where you’ll get to choose your civilization like Britons, Teutons, and Kievan, build your keep and garrison your troops to defend your civilization from marauders. The game mechanics are mostly similar to Clash of clans. Originally developed on the Windows platform, the Android version of the game was launched this year and has immediately found flavor with the gamers.

3. Baahubali: The game

In the Indian movie industry, Baahubali has developed a cult-like status. To cash in on the huge popularityMoonfrog game studio has developed “Baahubali: The game”. The objective is to protect the kingdom of Mahishmati from various invasions. In this game, you start as a commander and you have to deploy various strategies like creating traps, barracks and garrisoning forces to protect your kingdom from enemy forces. As in the movie, you have characters like Kattappa and Bhallaladeva reprising their characters. If you are an Indian mobile gamer, you cannot afford to miss this game!

4. Call of Duty: Heroes

Call of duty:Heroes is an action/strategy game that has more in common with the clash of clans. The game allows the players to build, develop and bolster their bases ready to face epic battles/ In this game a player can command an army of legendary heroes, and experienced soldiers from the call of duty franchise. Legendary characters like Captain Prince, Walcroft, and many others make an appearance in this game. Amidst the legion of similar games that comes out on Android, Call of duty stands out for its sheer game mechanics.

5. CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is an action-packed game where you will have to use your engineering and designing skills to build a perfect battle machine to beat your opponents. In this game, both the player and their opponents are cats. It may sound funny once you get into the game, you may have to get through some savage moments. It is purely strategy based as you would have to perfectly craft your battle machine to decimate your opponent cats. The cute part, however, is a cat which pops up every now and then to guide you throughout the game.

6. Online Rummy APP

If you’re someone who is interested in playing card games through mobile, then you can try playing online rummy. Rummy is a game that requires a combination of skill and strategy to succeed. There are numerous rummy apps available in the play store/APP store that will allow you to play rummy for real cash these days. Not only is the game entertaining but also very rewarding. With a proper rummy app, you can play rummy on the move and make every moment of your life interesting and rewarding. Rummy download apk is FREE and offers a hassle free way of playing rummy online.
Try any of these mobile games listed above and tell us which one worked for you.

December 01 2017


November 29 2017


November 23 2017


November 21 2017


November 16 2017


November 14 2017


November 09 2017


November 04 2017


November 03 2017


November 02 2017


October 19 2017

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